10:55 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Oh NO!!!
    Oh NO!!! FOUR FURLOUGH DAYS??? What about the children??? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN??? I'd say its time for round two of cutting this gov't pig. The Prez's budget is a joke. If the republicrats can get a pair they'll shut down the gov't until 1.8 trillion is cut (easy to do, get rid of the Dept. of Education, Fanny/Freddie, many other agencies, bring home ALL military from overseas, etc.). As the ratings agencies have stated, unless 1.8 trillion is cut in 2014, the U.S. WILL have another credit rating downgrade. Most of you have no idea what that means, but you'll be finding out as I'm sure nothing substantial will be cut until then. Be sure to blame it on the tea party at that time (all they did was warn you, it was both parties that spent this country into the poorhouse).
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  • Walk a mile in our shoes
    If the government were shut down, everyone would feel the negative effects. You may not be thinking about it Mc, but closing agencies would restart a recession with more peopel out of jobs. It's interesting how some of the Republians were saying nothing bad would happen if the sequestering went into affect, but they were the ones who started floating bills to ease the burden on some agencies. Both sides are talking about how bad some agencies have it and how they should be allowed to shift money to reduce or eliminate furloughs. If they had gotten off their egos and done their jobs, the sequester bill wouldn't have been needed and would never have gone into play. The US has been in debt for 2 centuries and no Congress or President has been able to turn things around. Bill Clinton had a balanced budget that left a surplus for George Bush, but that money was flushed down the toilet instead of using at least some of it to pay down those debts. Even if he couldn't get a balanced budget, there would have been less bills to pay out.
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