6:21 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • WHY NOT ...
    Why not JUST NOT post the private info to the web? I am sure they have hear of redacted file...put a big black magic marker line thru Private info before posting to the web. (Oh yeah, you migh need some Federal Employees to do that, and we're fuloughing them!) I can see protecting someone's Social Securty number or account numbers, but making people REPORT what they are investing in to preclude insider trading is the bigger issue! How do these morons in Congress NOT GET THAT? I swear to God if these cowards get re-elected, I will lose ALL hope! they are afraid of the NRA, they are afraid of Grover Norquist, they look for every loophole to eliminate this provision now? You KNOW the reason they did this was so they could eventually exempt themselves and make more money! They just let their staffers do it, and they don't think there is something wrong with that? Ugh!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Pathetic
    Seriously? They "attempted" to fulfill our desires of transparency and it failed...what's new? I don't care if they have to disclose their holdings; rather, if they do not own more than 10% stock in a company why do we care what they are buying? The point is: why are they allowed to placed "insider" trades in the first place??? You or I would go to jail for placing those trades so how is it that they may do so and earn piles of money while doing something illegal for us. Let's not get caught up in the smokescreen here; we need laws that make it illegal for EVERYONE to make insider trades.
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