6:00 am, May 26, 2015

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  • More Psychological Warfare
    Just a continuation of DOD's psychological war against its civilian workforce. No matter what, the damage is already done and the casualties are too many to count. All of this could have been avoided had the Comptrollers not been so foolish to demand spending as usual pretending that sequestration was a joke. And here we are still with no plan or action to get at the real out of control costs---the exponential growth of the overpaid contractor workforce.
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  • How much money tied up in unnecessary contracts? COI at its best
    Honest Broker
    My junior people were sweating the 22, then 14 and now who knows what, so I tried to calm their worries that the politicians love to look like heroes and come to save the day at the Nth hour. I work in communications, which the technology is about the same for all the services but the military insists on maintaining their separate research, engineering and procurement organizations along with the assoicated army of contractors at each one. It may be time to consolidate all the military and collapse these procurement organizations to just one for research, one for engineering and one for procurement. There are so many conflicts of interest (COI) from the politicians on down through the Govt, it will not happen but I believe it could really help on the money woes and probably get a better product to the troops.
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  • Why have them at all?
    Now we are getting down to below $1Billion in savings. The GAO reported that the DoD wastes that much in a week (to be kind). If anyone should be furloughed in DoD, it should be all appointees and all officers grades 0-7 and above. There are too many of them, and obviously ineffectual as a whole.
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  • DoD Furloughs
    What I do not understand with the furlough is why make the workforce take two days per pay period and not one, if any at all? One day per pay period will also allow people to continue to work flex or compressed without changing their work schedule. Two days per pay period in most cases will cause work schedules to be altered. I personally think that the furlough is just a temporary 2013 fix. Nothing has been eliminated come 2014, and we will have to go through the same tap dance again. Programs have to be scaled back if not completely eliminated, hiring freezes need to be implemented, paid early outs, cut back in total workforce via attrition, etc., look at more long term solutions, not temporary quick fixes that will only end up hurting more than helping.
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  • It is not about the impact on the workforce
    it was about saving money. One day a pay period means that they could only do a certain number of days but two days a pay period meant double that. To get the original 22 days in with all the advance notice, it would have to be two days a pay period. Even with the 14 days, because of the time it is taking to put out the letters, you are up against the same time constraints. As for all the stuff you listed at the end, we are past the point where the cost to do it would lead to any benefit in the current fiscal period. When your dollars vanish after 30 September, you need to do things month in advance to pay off the cost of buying people out, or changing contract scopes and still have cost savings.
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