5:14 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • self plus one
    If the proposal is to be fair, we should base the premium based on how many are covered. "Self plus one" takes into account childless couples only. There should be proportional increases for self plus two, self plus three, etc. Seems quite unfair that the couple with one child pays the same premium, as the couple with eight children.
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  • FEHBP So-Called Modernization
    Leave FEHBP alone. Get the government out of the prescription drug process. Does anyone really believe that the government can buy ANYTHING for the best price? If you want to allow "domestic partners" why not unmarried partners? Why does one have to marry to get benefits? This is a whole slippery slope that is better left as is. While charging less for healthy federal employees would benefit me, I can see a lot of complications. Many health conditions are hereditary. Yes, you can improve your health, but some families have a history of certain cancers and other conditions that runs in their family. Also, I can see the camel's nose in the tent here. How much information will the government gather from us to determine if we meet their definition of "healthy"? What will they do with that data? Lastly, isn't the whole point of insurance to cover everyone, but some will use more than others?
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