9:45 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Ok
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    The money he saves will just be used to spend on foreign aid. Or worse to support other countries. You can't fix stupid.
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  • Part of the Problem
    Since 1993 Congressman Mica, you have been part of the problem. Not the solution. You voted for NAFTA, GATT, WTO that has tanked our jobs here in this country. Fraud waste and abuse is what OEF/OIF was all along. Haliburton,WMD and far as waste is concerned. Why do you vote consistitently to fund roads in Afghanistan and a wasteful 5 billion dollar a year embassy in Iraq whether than spend the money here at home for American jobs. EH Congressman
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  • Congressman Mica is the problem -- Led the outsourcing revolution
    Honest Broker
    I agree with RADICALVET's opinion. Didn’t the big push for Govt job outsourcing get started around 1993? I bet MICA loved when the POGO.ORG 2012 BAD BUSINESS report came out about the doubling to 5 times cost of using contractors versus just employing people into the Govt. How about those 10 year sole source contracts to KBR and Halliburton? Yeah, he's really worried about saving money. Wish this would all come out on the news, but the networks are on the same gravy train with the huge advertisement accounts from the big prime contractors. Don't you love this hypocrisy? Oh, I mean democracy.
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  • Outsourcing
    Agree with Honest Broker also. He pin points the entire decline of the US economy. Final thought Mica. You have already sold out your own children and Grand kids.
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