8:26 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Not a single concrete "accomplishment" was mentioned in the story....
    ....because there are none. Berry was/is all words, no substance behind that painted-on smile. He has demoralized OPM employees; lacked vision on the important work of the agency; was the DRIVING FORCE behind the FAILED, YEAR-LONG VENTURE to let FAVORED employees work "from wherever and whenever they wanted"; held countless-useless Town Hall meetings; and, turned OPM's inner walls into something more akin to high school hallways during Homecoming Week with huge displays on various subjects that either had no impact on the agency's work or addressed issues that the workforce had already embraced. As far as an ambassadorship to Australia, America would not be well served by sending this "leader" down-under.
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  • Come again?
    Berry is a typical, run-of-the-mill OPM Director, the main function of which position since its creation via the 1978 CSRA legislation is to be a reliable apparachiik for White House initiatives, in other words, to act as a flak catcher to deter adverse criticism of the same. He schmoosed with the union leaders, feeding them the usual (and patently untrue) bromides about labor-management unity and amity, all the better to anesthetize them to the brutal fact that they are irrelevant to the real inside-the-Beltway movers and shakers. He has not one memorable achievement, and will quickly be forgotten as he heads to Australia. Perhaps as the former head of the National Zoo he can wow the kangeroos, wombats, and koalas while humming Waltzing Matilda (though he certainly won't be dancing with her).
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  • Nice guy, but poor administrator
    Bill Samuel
    So he's a nice guy. But OPM took longer to process retirements when he left than when he begun. OPM continued to represent its contractors more than Federal employees. OPM continued to violate the prohibition against contracting out inherently governmental business, like making benefit decisions, despite an Obama Executive Order emphasizing the ban. Federal employees and retirees should hope that his successor will be far more effective.
    Bill Samuel Silver Spring, MD 20906
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  • Berry did what towards Feds bashing and outsourcing jobs?
    Honest Broker
    He was just a puppet like most SES leaders because he was appointed and didn't want to rock the boat. I did not see him out there on public radio and TV talking about the politicians bashing of Govt employees. He was probably one of the guys that tried to block the 2012 POGO.ORG report on the misinformation about outsourcing Govt jobs to contractors. I'm real torn up he's headed out the door, but his replacement may be worse with all the rhetoric about cost savings and Govt employees are the scum of the earth compared to the contractors. You gotta give credit to the politicians and their spin doctors.
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