4:47 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • The shifting sand
    Who among the federal workforce could not have foreseen the shift in demand? Aging Boomers, higher number of military disabled retires, increased life expectancy, ad infinitum, have placed greater demands on funding for these cost burdens. When the workers are asked to sacrifice, they have, willingly. When the sacrifices are made and then a revelation that unnecessary expenditures take place simultaneously it doesn't take a Savant to foresee the backlash. It brings into focus the age old doctrine, "let the other guy pay". The increased demands on the VA, National Security, Law Enforcement, et al, should mean the lower priorities (if there is such a thing) receive less funding until the economy improves. If you can't afford it, you don't need it seems a logical approach.
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  • The number of flights continues to increase...
    Radar Tech
    There is not much of a reduced demand for airline and airfreight flights. Why do we have money to give the Palestinians ($500 MILLION) but not enough to pay our own federal workers? How come we have money to blow on a $700,000 landscaping job for the NATO ambassador, but we cannot keep our air traffic control towers open? We spend $500,000 a year on bottled water for the senate. Joe Biden's weekend flights home for his golfing cost the taxpayers $1 MILLION a year. If the Obama's would just vacation here in the USA we could save a ton of money.
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  • If only we could see behind the curtain
    There is no doubt that combined with wasteful programs, excessiveness in most programs, a strong desire to avoid paying taxes, misinformation/disinformation, lobbying/influence peddling and a complete lack of scruples, we are most likely to enjoy some very bleak times. Entertaining, not really.
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  • Pay Raise
    Hey, I thought I saw something about a pay raise! I must have been seeing things. That is not possible. Has to be a typo.... Regardless, its not going to happen. That will be stripped out right of the shoot. Feds will probably not see any increases in wages for at least another 3 years. Also everything else is going to go up, and oh yes, Feds will have to contribute more into their Thrift Savings etc. I guess there is always 2016 when the people get to make another choice.
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  • Just An Observation
    Yeah, the President keeps throwing us under the bus and using us as cannon foder in his offers to compromise on deficit reduction. And this is where I fault him. I understand Fed workers will have to play at least some part in any deficit reduction plan. But for the President to keep giving things away that affect us away and not getting anything meaningful back from the Repubs is where he is going very, very wrong. He is alienating a group that has been a part of his base support while getting nothing in return from the other side. Mr. President, please stop negotiating with yourself at the expense of the voting Fed workers among others who helped get you a second term!!!
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