3:54 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Better Odds
    Better odds at a casino than the market right now. The "Global Economy" is a failure. Get some better bookies, keep the bets in the United States, then we'll talk. Until then G fund prevails along with a nice game of bingo.
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  • Better returns from under bed
    With the latest market run up, my TSP balance crossed over $800K as of Monday. I've been in it since the begniing and always maxxed out and never had more the 5% in G. And yes, I was in it and stayed with it through the 2008 crash as well as the dotcom bust. I've recovered from that with dividends. Yes it was painful at times. If you have everything or even a majority in G and have more than 2 years to go, yes, you are a dummy. Don't forget that G is the only fund that Congress can, and has, raided at will.
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  • Why Young people stick with the G Fund
    There are a number of factors, but the primary reason is they have been sold a fallacious bill of goods; "Depend on the Government". They are novices in even basic economics and do not have the incentive to educate themselves on the diversity provided by the TSP. Some are just plain lazy, sticking with "G" because they have been told it is the "safest", not realizing they are losing money every day to Inflation.
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