3:46 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Probably because
    they are smart enough to understand that we have a fed induced stock market bubble that is destined to burst. We hit an all time high on the Dow today? Why? our economy is limping along. With such low interest rates courtesy of the fed, the only place to get a return is the stock market. Hence,a ponzi scheme. Last third of people in will lose big. And most of that last third has already entered the market.
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  • Fake UP Market Means Real DOWN Market
    General Insight
    No one is buying this fake UP market. It was not too long ago many people lost over 40 per cent of their investments, this time around when the drop comes (and we are already seeing global warnings) it will take another 40 per cent from inattentive investors. US markets are 20 per cent over inflated. Try inflating your tires over 20 per cent, and see what happens in no time.
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  • Faith in Government
    Unlike the two previous posters, I cannot make investment predictions with a high degree of accuracy. If anything I may have great success authoring an investment strategy guide where readers are instructed to do the opposite of anything I suggest. It is with these thoughts that perhaps younger employees are using their faith in the professionals at the TSP to guide their investments. There have been proposals to make the default investing location the lifestyle fund that most closely relates to an employees anticipated retirement date. The next question may be, why haven't these proposals gone forward?
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  • TSP safety
    The truth is that young workers can't afford to lose money and are therefore risk intolerant. After all, the young worker is not paid as much as older feds and have less they can afford to lose.
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  • Agree with you RC
    I completely agree with you, RC. I started in 1990, with a small salary and no money in the bank. I started investing only 5% in TSP, because it was all I could afford to do. And most went into G, because I couldn't take the risk of losing in the stock market. Of course hind sight being 20/20, I missed out on big returns in the 1990's by not having much of a TSP balance by then, and not investing more aggressively. But you can only do what you can afford.
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  • Huh?
    That does not make any sense at all. A younger worker should take more risk because he or she has more time to make up any losses. Losses in your TSP do not affect you one iota until you retire. Staying in the G will guarantee you mediocre returns and a meager retirement.
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  • Better returns form hole in backyard
    This just shows how undereductaed today's youth are. Its one hting to be risk adverse. But the reality is G fund won't even keep with inflation. If its safety you're after, go with the F fund which has never lost over a given year and with few exceptions are well outperformed G. It's not a ture statement to say you won't lose in the G fund. You absolutely will. With the horric low returns, the money you put in won't even retain a 1:1 buying power when you withdraw it. G fund is for dummies. Sadly, for those of us who were orignally forced into FERS when it was created, G was all we had for awhile. But back then we were sitll ocming off of Jimmy Carter era interest rates. Times have chnaged.
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  • TSP needs improvement
    I currently have all of my money in the G Fund and I am no dummy. With interest rates on long term bonds at historic lows, it is hard to imagine how one can come out ahead in the F Fund. All the Fed has to do is raise interest rates and people in the F Fund will be hosed, along with those in the C, S and I Funds. Don't get me wrong: The TSP funds are very low cost index funds, and were well-suited for the investment environment that existed when they were set up back in the '80's. But, frankly, now all of the choices in the TSP suck. All of the stock and bond funds are over-valued due to Fed manipulation of interest rates, and the G Fund returns are miserable. We need more choices. How about real estate and precious metals?
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