5:11 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • berry berry
    Thousands of current and prospective retired feds are glad to see Berry go. My wife waited six months for her claim to be adjudicated. Only an intervention of a friend at OPM saved it from being longer.
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  • OK, Mike. You ask how Berry did?
    Here are your words: "While some kids grow up wanting to be police or firefighters, it would not be surprising to learn that young Berry, growing up in the D.C. area, set his sights on RUNNING a federal agency. Mike, you mis-spelled "ruining." Regardless of what you read in the EVS (Employee Viewpoint Survey), morale at OPM is at an all-time low. "Good" to "outstanding" long-time and short-time employees whisper it to each other and in small groups. Employees are not so reckless as to put their real thoughts in the survey....those surveys are traceable, regardless of confirmations to the contrary. Proof: If you don't complete it (or other surveys), you receive a reminder. Obviously, someone is keeping track. And in previous administrations (Democrat or Republican), plaques were never posted in OPM's elevator lobbies advising employees of their "top-10 ranking" in some meaningless outside survey or that they were doing good work. Most know it without being told. As for corruptness....have never seen a more biased Director or set of Schedule C political employees in all my years. If you aren't gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) or bow at the alter of obama, you might as well have an "X" marked on your forehead. It doesn't matter that you only want to serve....regardless of the party occupying the White House. And the "in crowd" in that agency are unresponsive and have been blasted in the media for it....obviously a last ditch effort by reporters who figured they had nothing to lose by pointing out those severe failures. Berry has some excellent career leaders in some top spots....he hasn't give them the support (contrary to his public words), leading to some "mis-steps" which won't be named here to avoid embarrassing some innocent people. Oh yeah, and don't forget to ask Berry, the former director of the Washington National Zoo if he still believes the H1N1 virus was still a biological attack launched from Mexico. More could be said, but I think you get the picture, Mike.
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  • Berry Exit
    Berry's exit is "Addition by Subtraction" for current,future,and retired FEDS.
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  • Berry
    Jim H.
    I am glad to see him go !! OPM's 'I TOLD YOU SOOOO" comments after snowmaggeden - Jan 2010 were pathetic !! Year after year, storm after storm OPM got the weather forecast wrong. Snow closures then very little snow, hurricane closures then nothing in DC - Floyd, etc. If Berry has been a DC 'insider' (of course this might explain it:-) - he would understand OPM regularly missed it on the weather ... but Nooo - OPM comes out with a pissy 'I TOLD YOU SOOOO' that I would expect from a middle schooler !! I wonder where Berry was an 'insider' in DC ??
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  • Weather Forecasting
    Gee, Jim, if trained meterologists can't get it right, how do you expect the head of a non-weather related agency to be correct on forecasting the weather. The central-Maryland area seems to be right where weather fronts tend to be. I would rather have OPM err on the side of caution than have thousands of people on the roads in the middle of a blizzard or a hurricane. If you are so good at forecasting weather, how are you at picking lottery numbers?
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  • You only need to look at the backlog
    OPM, under Mr. Berry's tutelage, has managed to do little about the timely and accurate processing of retirement applications. The backlog of 40,000 to 50,000 remains and with the rising number of retirement eligible, sequestration, no pay raises for the foreseeable future, etc, the number of retirement applications over the next year or two is expected to increase. Federal employees can only hope that a new director, who recognizes the functional utility of computers, will take over OPM.
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