8:18 am, May 25, 2015

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  • NASCAR Sponsorships
    What about the NASCAR and NHRA sponsorships? It would be a whole lot cheaper just to buy all the brass box tickets for the races which is the real reason for the sponsorships in the first place.
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  • National Pride
    Rock Man
    It's a shame that the Blue Angels have been sacked for the remainder of the year. It is those Blue Angels air shows that boost citizens pride in our country. They will be sorely missed at the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival in September... an extremely patriotic Navy area of our country, I might add. If I were the Secretary of the Navy, I would tell Congress to kiss my empennage, and then tell the Blue Angels to carry on ! Got to be other ways to cut back on waste besides sacking the greatest air display in the Universe!
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  • What's next?
    Are they going to cut funding for Marine Corps Band and issue each band member an M-16?
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  • Yet President can still go on exotic vacations...
    "Let them eat Cake" sound familiar. During these hard times when we see and feel serious cutbacks in such things in the national parks, ThuderBirds, and Blue Angles that spread good will and pride amonst millions of Americans during the summer months, the President and his family still enjoy rounds of golf with golf pros, exotic family vacations from the beaches to the mountain resorts, travel to LA and NY to be on TV Shows, holding bigtime concerts at the White House, latest example last night the "Soul" Tribute to be televised on NPR stations. When is the BS going to stop. Many Federal angencies have people on Furlogh living pay check to pay check, and what do they do but attack Federal benifits more and more. May God bless America as we realy need it now.
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