12:22 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Unfortunately,
    the "best and the brightest" who lead our country aren't smart enough to figure out that the bigger the government, the more bureaucracy there is, the more likely redundancy is to happen.
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  • USDA budgets for the catfish program
    Wilhelm Heisenburg
    USDA and secretary Vilsack request more money to keep the catfish program going but killed the microbiological data program (which test fresh produce for pathogens) bowing to industry not liking the program since it found salmonella, pathogenic e coli and listeria in fresh produce. Programs that work (like MDP) get terminated because they work and Catfish which is duplicative, gets kept. Oh the messed up priorities we have!
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  • MIC loves redundancy and so does the politicians
    Honest Broker
    The military industrial complex and the politicians love redundancy. You make more money that way. Why does the USAF, Army, Navy, USMC, NSA, and other DOD organizations all have their own research, engineering and procurement groups? Oh yeah, you make more money that way. Don't you love when the politicians say they are saving money, when actually they are trying to get the spot light off of a public problem which effects someones profit.
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  • Strengthening America's Communities Initiative
    Someone should look at the work that was done related to the "Strengthening America's Communities Initiative" during the Bush Administration. According to a CRS report in 2006 (http://fpc.state.gov/documents/organization/62654.pdf) it would have saved nearly $1.9 billion annually, but it would have stopped a lot of small communities from reaping the benefits of multiple federal grants that did the same things.
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  • Yadda, yadda
    Another example of redundancy is the long series over the yearsof GAO reports describing the same program duplication phenomenon. The sad part here is that following the issuance of each such report, apart from some temporary "sound and fury," little ever gets dome by the powers-that-be to address the costly duplication phenomeneon, most likely because too many of those who benefit from this state of affairs block any meaningful action. Now we can all sit back and await the next such GAO report in several years - probably addressing the same programs.
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