2:08 am, May 25, 2015

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  • WOW
    Obama's ideas hinge on Fees (a.k.a. TAXES) who'd of thunk it. DUDE we need to quit SPENDING.
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  • Political spending a mental disorder like gambling addiction?
    Honest Broker
    Hey I have a novel idea, QUIT SPENDING TAXPAYER MONEY on the unnecessary. Quit spending money on Afghanistan and Iraq? 10 years and they are still disfunctional. Why keep giving out foreign aide? POGO.ORG found contractors cost at least 2 times more than Govt employees. Why not quit contracting out services? Why do we keep giving away our technology academic slots in colleges to foreigners? Why does each military organization have their own research, engineering and procurement shop? Why are we letting illegal alien's children attend our schools at $8K/child/yr? And the list goes on. Capitol Hill is on a spending junket until its all gone and then they will all disappear. Do the polticians have some kind of spending disorder? Will they and the rich flee the country when its all gone?
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