7:02 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Chained CPI
    Now my President, who I happily voted for twice, has proposed yet another tax increase on me. Changing the COLA from CPI to chained CPI really hits me in the wallet. I'm a retired Marine who gets VA disability payments and a current fed. This chained CPI will cost me more than $10k over 10 years, money I am counting on so I don't have to eat cat food when I'm older. I get hit in military retired pay, VA disability payments, social security, and my FERS annuity, which is already a diet COLA! This is worse than no pay raise for 3 years!
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  • Federal Employee Benefit Cuts
    Robert E Dietrich
    Mike, I would be agreeable to a very slight cut in my future pension benefits ONLY after Congress agrees to: term limits; have all laws they pass apply to them; roll back their own benefits to equal what people in federal service have to work years to acquire; and return Congress to a citizen form of government envisioned by the founding fathers. They are the worst hypocrits on earth. Look how they enforced the ERISA Act in the private sector. If I used public office for private gain when I was in government, I would have been rightfully fired. Ask Martha Stewart how she feels about her time in jail compared to Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Dennis Hastert, and others. We truly need to start over again, and to clean house on Capitol Hill. They are despicable!
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  • Saving my pennies
    Sorry Ben, I have to disagree on this one. My husband and I barely got out of the Reagan years with our shirts on. I was working for health insurance and barely more and he couldn't buy a job. Things did get better under Clinton and we saved for our kids' college and were careful with money. The Bush years left us in the same predicament. We've been able to pay for college with our savings, but alot has been eaten up by another lay-off. There's not much left and jobs are once again hard to come by. I wish I could say things are better under Obama, but they're not. My kids will be taking out student loans in the fall. One thing I do know for sure: the only money that trickles down is chump change and no one will be bailing us out except us.
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  • Continued race to the bottom
    anonymous florida
    Yes, I agree this is a breach of contract. President Obama is pandering to "elites" who still don't like the budget he has proposed. So, up the taxes on the super wealthy, make sure corporations pay their share, close loopholes, and forget about making feds further sacrifice. The way to save money with the federal government is to get rid of layers, allocate man-hours properly, do not have grade 12's merely sitting around doing nothing but forwarding e-mails. Do not have grade 13's and 14's flitting around acting self-important; fooling themselves and their idiotic managers. Get rid of awards! This budget further cements the race to the bottom by the working class and middle class, which will leave this country in worse shape than ever.
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  • Working class takes the hit again
    Lanai Cat
    I'm so tired of the big guys stepping on the little guys. Make the fat cats pay their share, and quit trying to destroy the middle class. And, how about putting all those idotic do-nothing managers on furlough while the workers keep on working? No one would even notice that they're gone!
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