9:30 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Chained CPI
    Marty Lickteig
    Don't forget that FERS retirees already get a reduced COLA when the inflation rate is over 2%. Under the current formula, if inflation is 3%, FERS retirees only get 2% while CSRS and Social Security retirees get the full 3%. If you add the Chained CPI on top of that, FERS retirees will really get the shaft.
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  • Dont Worry Fers Retirees
    As long as there continues to be no inflation you have nothing to worry about.
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  • Don't Worry Fers Retirees
    The Fed is printing money at the rate of $85 billion a month and you think there will be no future inflation?
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  • it's worse for CSRSers than for FERSers
    The retirement benefit that CSRSers both worked and paid in part for is there in the annuity they get, whereas a substantial part of what FERSers get comes from the 5% match that their employer made to their TSP accounts. So all of what the former get takes this hit, and hence a greater number of $$$ is lost, while the latter takes a lesser hit, though both may have worked the exact same number of years at exactly the same rate of pay along the way.
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  • Chained CPI
    anonymous florida
    YIKES. I didn't know this, that FERS retirees already get a reduced COLA when the inflation rate is over 2%, but CSRS and SS retirees get the full 3%. Adding Chained CPI on top of that and us FERS people are really gonna get the shaft!
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  • How To Define Stupid
    Stupid is when a person, group, or Government who lives off other people's income, donations or taxes works to reduce the incomes of those they live off of. Congress is focused on making everyone equally poor, when are they going to get back to investing in all of America and promote, create and focus on providing economic growth and increase. All of America includes those people who serve in any Government position, local, state, federal or military. What will it take to get Congress back on track, all this hot air from Capital Hill has increased the risk of global warming. Don't get me wrong, all the hot air has provided the greater Washington DC area with nice and mild winters (when Congress was in session). I don't think you can cut and reduce our way to prosperity, nor can you spend your way to prosperity. Giving is better than taking, growth and increase is better than lacking and poverty, how hard is this to understand?
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  • Spewing right wing talking points is better than thinking...
    Jerry A.
    for MAZ, anyway.
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  • Fair is foul
    As a Fed, I do not mind paying my fair share. But it seems I am also often asked to pay everyone else's fair share as well. I guess it is my fault for taking a positin which pays more than a McDonald's burger flipper or Walmart greeter.
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  • Double Whammy
    Changing to a Chained CPI will have two effects: (1) It will lower future retirement benefits for SS and federal retirements and (2) it will raise taxes on the entire middle class. The first efect is getting publicized now. They say it will have little effect because retirees can switch to products that cost less (switch from steak to chicken or fish). They don't mention that you can't switch state and local taxes or health costs. And they obviously have never researched the price of fish. The second effect is more subtle but reaches every member of the middle class. Tax brackets are raised each year by CPI. Switching to Chained CPI will slow this bracket increase and therefore everyone in the middle class will pay more taxes. So implementing the Chained CPI will not only decrease benefits to those that need them the most, it will also raise taxes across the middle class. Didn't the President swear he would never raise taxes on those earning less than $250,000? Didn't the Republicans say they would oppose new taxes? Is this yet another lie?
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  • Could be worse
    The chained CPI has a couple of good factors. One is that it hits everyone, not just Federal Empliyees. And as cuts have to be made, I would rather everyone pitch in rather than just us. ................Two, people will not even notice money they didn't know they should be getting. Most of the public isn't educated enough. They might wonder why the money doesn't stretch as far, and blame something else, not the politics and the chained CPI. So as far as the politicians are concerned it is a win win, I see this passing this time as other than the Fed Watchers, I haven't heard much on the news about it.
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  • Could be better
    Will the salaries of the wealthy be based on chained CPI?
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