7:45 am, May 25, 2015

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  • DOD Excess
    A fifth grader can do better mat. Use some common sense already. What part of excessive bases doesn't Congress understand. CLOSE the darn bases overseas that DOD has identified we don't need. Quit sending us missions for STUPID political purposes that really have no merit. Secretary Hagel said it.The military is not a corporation. You know something, honestly, We need the draft back again. After ten years of undeclared war because the COWARDS in Congress are too descriptive words here,to do their job. There is one fact here in all this though. Should a Congress member fail to support Veterans from this past wars, then he or she will encounter a short lived political career. This new group of OEF/OIF Vets will not put up with their benefits being held up because you lie and say we have no money. Just ask Tammy Duckworth. You will soon see more like her in Congress.
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  • DOD spending on contractors is out of control, but Capitol Hill is addicted to it
    Honest Broker
    Capitol Hill uses DOD to get money back to their campaign supporters with interest plus they get something out of it too. Operations and maintenance are no longer done by Govt employees but instead its all been outsourced. POGO.org ran the numbers in 2012 and found that at a minimum, contracted services costs twice that of a Govt employee including their lifetime of benefits. That is a lot of profit instead of cost savings, so the politicians just cannot help themselves. I wonder what their contingency is when it is all gone? They and their rich cronies have some carribean islands to go and hide?
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  • Excess costs
    Congress needs to reevaluate disabled veterans who are able to work full time.
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  • Beltway bandits
    Cancelling all the SAIC and Booz Allen contracts alone would significantly reduce costs. Time for DOD to part ways with all the unnecessary beltway bandits.
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