4:11 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • What a surprize?
    Not. Retirements up 40% compared with last March. Pay freeze for 3 years. Furloughs this year - essentially a pay cut. Furloughs next year since Congress continues to be unable to pass a budget. Furloughs the year after year since Congress continues to be unable to pass a budget. Furloughs the year after year since Congress continues to be unable to pass a budget... continue. I guess, my question is why anyone with a choice would stay?
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  • stunning!
    Big Joe
    I'm staying because I have 18 years in, and because of my age, have 20 more to go..... I save my energy and passion for my part time job, which ironically, is as a contractor for another agency than the one I work at.....
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  • Retired and not regretting it, but sorry for those stuck at the hump
    Honest Broker
    When I started, the Govt guys were there to help the troops get the supplies or technology they needed. Now, its all been outsourced using cost plus fixed fee contracts which make a tidy profit compared to the old fixed price and labor rate controlled ones. Then along comes all the demonizing of Govt workers, so they can justify taking away income and continuing the outsourcing. I feel bad for the folks just past the middle of their careers. Since the politicians have tasted all that taxpayer money using an all contractor force, I don't see things changing anytime soon so if you love a certain job and its being outsourced then it may be time to get out. Good luck to those that decide to stick it out.
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  • Surf's up!
    Just me
    Retirement tsunami appears on horizon. Congress, Whitehouse, and OPM surprised by the obvious...
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  • The Fed is just FED UP
    This is what congress and the senate wanted from the beginning of this whole ordeal. Reduce the Government work force by attrition. People who can retire now will so they don't have to put up with the steady BS that is dealt daily to the Federal Worker, by our political leaders and the public. It is so nice just to be able to ride of in the sunset, only three more to go, and I will be on that horse out of town too. Only wish time would fly faster.
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  • Surprised? Not Expecting This?
    You know this is exactly what congress wanted to happen. They new exactly what was going to happen when they started imposing all these outlandish cuts etc. I do not buy into the fact that numbers are higher than expected. Right now they are loving it on capital hill because they have succeeded in creating this mass exodus. And it is only going to get worse. I truly believe that we are going to see Fuloughs, pay cuts and freezes, and employee contributions continuing on for the next 2-3 years, maybe even longer until congress reduces the size of government where they want it.
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  • I don't mind a reduced workforce
    but the politicians will find it problematic when their constituents complain to them about having to wait for critical services or not get them at all.
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  • Not getting critical services?
    Jerry A.
    Depending upon the political party, that can be a bug or a feature. Many of the far right Tea Bagger or GOP crowd are getting into federal office on "the government doesn't work" jingo. Then they make sure it doesn't.
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