7:06 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Some Friend
    It's only taken 4 years, but finally the unions are beginning to wake up. These so-called friends of federal employees only show their true friendship when they don't control the White House. Once in power they suddenly come down with amnesia.
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  • Congress's new ATMs
    1. Fed wages 2. Fed retirement 3. Fed benefits
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  • Sold Out
    The "Jane Fonda" Club of Capitol Hill has sold us out.
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  • Politicians being Friends???
    My grandfather use to tell me years ago, NEVER TRUST A Car Salesman or a Polition. So this is nothing new, a polition being a friend is an oxymoron.
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  • Give me a red pen
    I am sorry but I cannot beleive that someone doesn't go thru the checkbook with a red pen and get rid of the crap no one supports FIRST befor e going after Feds, the elderly, and Medicare AGAIN! You want to know what can be cut? Defense--we are not at War, and we outpower everyone else 15 times over! Another place we can cut: Foreign Aide. Another: Freeze the purchase of IT and office equipment for 1 year. Freeze Contracting all together for 5 years--Feds can do the work themseoves CHEAPER than the contractors ripping off their own country! Another: Ketsup studies (let's look at what "research" we're paying for.... I heard this a.m. on this station that a study just showed why some people are happier--I pray to God we didn't way for that!) Another: Capitol Hill perks-- drivers, parking, Barber shops, subsidized cafeteria/dining rooms, etc....All of it stops now! Make Congress serve in DC 5 days a week, like they were elected to do! Give me the checkbook and a red pen! Better yet, put it all on the ballot and let US decide since Congress won't!
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