11:36 pm, May 23, 2015

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    Lisa Lisa
    Closing of towers-bad move. The formula the FAA has decided to use (FYI-the top people in the FAA making these deadly decisions arent controllers or pilots and never have been mind you)is toddler. I read this article and these bobbleheads are willing to put your life and mine on the line based on probabilities and likelihoods. No thanks. I was a controller for 10 yrs (and supervisor). Whether an airport has 200 flights a day at an airport or 1000, its flight safety here. Its not just about what takes off and lands, its also the enroute traffic. Its those little Cessnas and cherokee aircraft crossing a departure path at a critical phase of flight. The pilot doesnt have time to play controller when hes getting gear up or down. That DCA controller for persecuted for working mids (ALONE) and fell asleep. The FFAA bobbelheads (again not even a pilot or controller) made the decision to take those mids down to 1 controller. The guy was also working 4 mids-although vague on what his regular shift was (typically 2 days, 2 swings, 2 mids and 1 1/2 days off then back to days). We always had 2 controllers on mids. To keep each other awake is part of it AND! god for bid you gotta go #2! The FAA is trying to work this like M-F 9-5 and its not working. Not when you have airlines whom rely on controllers so that they make their money and fly 24-7. Our powers that be need to make sure you are putting a controller and a pilot in charge of the FAA and not some paper pusher financial guy (he could be #3).
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