2:27 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Subtext matters
    Just me
    Sorry folks, but Mike is telling you what is planned...the thing of it is that you have to be skilled at reading the subtext. Furloughs, pay freezes, and cuts in benefits are all designed to do one thing: Drive federal employees out of federal service, thereby reducing headcount. We can expect that the attacks on our pay and benefits will continue until the federal service gets so thin that Congress will have to offer special incentives (again) to recruit and retain employees (generally) in the federal service. Of course this will only be for the jobs they can't outsource to contractors (at about 1.5 times the fully burdened rate). In the interim we'll see four or five articles expressing "concern" (by the Whitehouse and, eventually, by Congress) about the loss of institutional knowledge and the fact that younger people won't select federal service for a career. There will also be some articles about the need to "do more with less" as the retirement tsunami hits full swing. Finally we will be seeing more articles in which OPM (and again eventually Congress) becomes increasingly "concerned" about federal employee morale and declining faith in our leadership. These "concerns" might generate a Congressional hearing (or two) and a bunch of articles on "motivating the workforce without money, promotions, or real incentives."
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