8:44 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Only Known Devices
    steven sprague
    One of the most powerful things we have ever done to secure service networks is to require only known devices. Mobile did it and the network for voice has been secure since Cable did it and video fraud has been virtually non existant since Apple did it with Ipad and the users are happy It is time for enterprise to adopt only known devices. Tamper resistant hardware based Device ID for all devices. trusted computing is already in over 800 million endpoint devices. We need a network of known endpoints. the risks associated with rogue devices and capabilities on the network is to high. Is it a silver bullet Know but it is the foundation for a secure framework. Without Known devices you can not manage information stealing, creation, or consumption. It is not possible to enforce rules with an unknown rules enforcer. The dashboard is showing us we have a problem what we need to do is Action not increase the size of the warning light.
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