9:08 am, May 22, 2015

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  • 20k is only 5% of his salary, not his income, and meaningless
    In the 3 years from 2009-2011 that the article mentions his income, he made nearly $9,000,000. Do you honestly think that $20,000 will even be noticed? Just based on the lowest figure of $790,000 for 2011, it is only 2.5% of his income. I lost more than that with the tax changes this year. Don't bother with a meaningless gesture, it just makes you look even more out of touch with real Americans. Talk about your 1% *rolleyes*
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  • Returning 5% of POTUS Salary
    $20K would pay for my bills, but in the grand scheme of things, POTUS has other income, including book revenues, etc. $20K is nothing when you have a total income in excess of $5M a year.
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  • 5%
    What a jerk this guy is! He spent our tax dollars like a drunken sailor the last four years and now a BS gesture of giving back $1700 a month. Obama is as phony as a 3 dollar bill. I will be so glas to see this imposter leave the WH for good! The Federal employees don't have a friend in Washington anymore. Thank you AFGE for help putting this jerk in office!
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  • Perhaps
    But they'll implant another goon in the WH who is a puppet to the MIC!
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  • Performance Review indicates full refund in order
    5% wow!
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  • 5% vs. our furlough, whateve the percentage
    The problem is that he could give up his entire $400K salary, and everything would STILL be paid for. Even 3% of my $82K makes one heck of a difference when it comes time to pay the bills; you know, those pesky little things that he doesn't have any of since we the taxpayers pay ALL of that for him, including his vacations. Nobody jumps in to pay my bills during this furlough. Also, the signature on the Sequestration bill is Obama's, regardless of who initiated it. If he was in so much disagreement, he could have either vetoed it or let it ride in a pocket veto. You know, "The Buck Stops Here" instead of "Bush" or "the Republicans" did it". But that would be asking entirely too much. Placation is SO much easier.
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