1:08 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Border Patrol takes up to 40%. Fed employees take 10-30%
    What is 5%? The border agents are subject to up to 40% pay cut because of the inability of Congress to meet their obligations. Not ONE federal employee is taking ONLY 5%. They, also, don't have free housing nor the other perks of the President. What a slap in the face!!!
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  • 5% compared to 20%.
    Federal employees will be giving up 20% during a portion of the sequestration period and approx. 5% of their annual salary. In contrast the President is giving up 5% during the period and equates to less than 3% of his salary. but the liberal media incorrectly seizes an opportunity to make him look so caring. No wonder why our leaders can't balance a budget with math skills like that.
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  • reading comprehension fail
    Jerry A.
    The President is giving back 5% of his annual salary. Read the article then study your own math.
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  • 100%
    Considering the guy's doing the same things Bush did he should give it all back. Obomba's a millionaire now, and not just because of his piddling book.
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  • same things:
    such as: Supporting new home loans to those with "weaker credit" (i.e. those who shouldn't be buying a house), just like Bush Killing more people with drones than even Bush did. Signing the NDAA which allows for military detention of U.S. citizens, just like Bush (and also signed the Patriot Act) Launching the AFRICOM (based in Colorado) military move into north Africa, with a brand, spanking new drone base in Niger, same as Bush with Iraq/Kuwait Bombing Libya when there was no need to, same as Bush in Yemen, Pakistan, etc. (Obomba's still bombing people there too) "Rescuing" (giving away taxpayer's money) businesses that shouldn't be rescued. The banks! Both Bush/Obomba were/are bought and paid for. ...and many more, no diff...
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  • 5% - OUCH!
    Michelle and the kids will have to cut back on their next vacation. Or maybe they could just get some food stamps and other government handouts like some federal employees. Feds who will be giving up 5% of their $70,000 or LESS salaries and taking care of their not so lucky families. We don't all have the perks that elected and appointed officials have. Face it Barack, you don't need your salary, but most Feds do. I think we should only furlough those who voted for you.
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  • Seriously?
    Bill Kenny
    How about a little less posturing from everyone in Dodge City and a little more effort at governance, okay? If this were a story about a 20% reduction in remuneration for EVERYONE in the Executive and Legislative branches, I'd be inclined to look less harshly upon what, for me, is nothing more than a hollow gesture. At 5%, all I can do is respond with a gesture of my own.
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