7:03 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Feds' view of senior leaders takes a nosedive
    Our department hires a new manager. After, arriving here, he started to build trust with us. He created an atmosphere of respect and fair treatment, and had a well received plan to move us forward. He had a lot of integrity and morale was lifted. They fired him. Moral of this story, Good leaders need not apply. Corrupt leadership will run you out.
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  • political appointees are the problem
    Political apppointee's come to an agency, bring thier friends at high GS positions, the political appointee leaves after 4 years but the agency is stuck with the GS friend at a high grade who is incompetent and we can't get rid of them! I have seen this time again in various agencies. End this and you will improve leadership!
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  • Bingo, we have a winner
    And I would add that many of these appointees and their friends hired for high GS positions (a recent report on the agency where I work actually refers to them as cronies) neither understand nor respect the career civil service corps, but rather like so many Americans believe we are all drones who couldn't get a "better" job in the private sector. It's no wonder ratings of senior leaders declined, in fact it's a wonder the ratings didn't decline by more.
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  • Kill retirement job bribes for Feds along with political appointees - Unions go public
    Honest Broker
    BEWILDERED is right about the appointee crony system, but another strangle hold is those retirement jobs. The politicians want a certain company to get a contract, so they have that company offer the Pentagon and Acquisition Agency people involved retirement jobs. These senior personnel, then offer promotions and bonuses to those willing to sacrifice their integrity to get that contract through and keep pumping it money. This is the current circle of incestuous corruption, but unfortunately the politicians write the laws to keep it going and they are at the heart of the problem. The unions sure want your dues, so why aren't they fighting back with advertisements bring this to light instead of wasting it lobbying the politicians who are at the core of the problem?
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