10:18 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Thank you
    This is great news! I hope this passes. We'll never have to worry about this BS again. Congress would never slash it's own pay.
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  • This is fine but
    DC is not a state, it is barred by the constitution from having a vote. The amendment to change the constitution and give DC a vote failed to be ratified by the states. Therefore political posturing aside DC ought not have a delegate only an observer, she ought not be paid by federal monies, and she certainly ought not be authoring bills. Sentiment is fine messenger is wrong.
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  • Nice Gesture BUT
    The clowns in Congress know they can't do anything because of the 27th Amendment. Do you really think members of the "Jane Fonda" Club from the GOP would do anything to help fellow Americans. Not the draft dodger Boehner, Coward yeller belly Cantor, and Tea Party maggots Issa and Chavez.
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