10:32 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Comfortable feds, you say?
    I've been in the civil service and I don't really encounter anybody in my realm of a major federal agency who can be described that way. No one I know is riding this phase out like it's a camping trip. It's a pending disaster for all of us. I have a daughter in college and another one preparing to start college in the coming Fall. And financial aid result seem to think that I can just sell my retirement to them to bridge the gap between what savings I have (mainly in 529 accounts) and what they are willing to lend me, in addition to some meager grants they dug up. No, there's nothing fun, funny, or even rustic about this business at all. It's enough to make me resentful of the very government I work for. At this point, I have too much to sacrifice by punching the "EJECT" button and finding more short-term lucrative opportunities elsewhere.
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