8:33 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Lazy "Leaders"
    The main word is POSTPONED. I don't trust CBP's leadership one bit when it comes to... well... just about everything. All of the other DHS components managed to get their budget under control once DHS was granted a generous budget. Come June, CBP will still be furloughed and we'll have to cram all of the furlough days into three months. When I see the word CANCELLED in an official memo, I'll believe it.
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  • CBP007//you are right..
    I believe uniformed officers will not get furlough, but all mission support people (not uniformed) will. This will cause and even larger issue within CBP. Let's wait and see.
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  • Furloughs
    Hopefully they will drop this Furlough garbage on all departments. When they do, Congress will be back to attack the Federal Employees. The anti American,anti Veteran GOP will not rest until Fed Employee rates are down especially Union members. However there is light at the end of the tunnel.These Tea Bagger Taliban GOP morons will be kicked to the curb next election for causing havoc to their constituients. Hey Coburn, Cantor, Issa, Boehner. Have your bags packed yet.
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