10:58 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Congress Being Punished??? I think NOT!
    The article stated, and I quote "...sequestration was designed to punish Congress for failing to agree on a consensus deficit...". Congress is not being punished. They are still getting paid and they are on break while federal workers are sweating it out trying to figure out where we can supplement our income during the furlough period. I as a single person with only one income for my household having to pay a mortgage and utilities am going to really going to have to pinch pennies and as I stated Congress is still being paid their salaries which they voted to increase at the federal worker's expense.
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  • Why is this happening in the first place?
    Bottom line is why is this happening in the first place? If Congress and the President would have done their job...the same job we elected them for....then we wouldn't have to even have to face this problem. And again, how does this punish Congress...how does this punish the President? If they really....really are concerned then Mr. President...Mr. Congressman...give up 20% of your salary and live under the fear of being laid off or losing your salary for a time and then we can believe you.
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