9:41 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • A Closer Look is Necessary
    Those that believe government employees will not look elsewhere for employment when their livelihood is threatened, pay raise is nonexistent, and 20% of their pay gone, think again. DoD's logic of the lifetime employee went out the window when it decided to look at its workforce to offset the many egregious errors it has made in management of a budget. Continually funding projects that beef capacity of our military that incurs a 10-15 year burden relative to funding is not in the best interest of the department nor its workforce which seems to continue to born the bulk of this dept. If DoD wants to keep workers, the department is going to have to think long and hard of how it will restructure to recruit, train, and sustain the best and brightest. Better yet, sustain at all.
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  • Like The Old Days
    Any Nam, Nam Era Vets here feel like it's the old days being "spit" upon Again by old draft dodgers from the past because of this sequester crap?
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  • White House Easter Party
    I thought the Easter Bunny was being furloughed.Must of found enough "eggs" in a basket that "cracked" into sequesteration. This will "hatch" a lot of opinions. I am not to "egg cited" about losing 20 percent of my "nest egg" right now but being able to "hatch" a plan to pay a rabbit for some easter party isn't "egg actly" thrilling me to do the "bunny hop" right now.
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  • Really?
    Could somebody please explain to me how furloughing me "punishes" Congress? "For 2013, sequestration was designed to punish Congress for failing to agree on a consensus deficit reduction plan by imposing indiscriminate and intentionally-damaging reductions across-the-board."
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  • Allow telework
    One way to cut expenses would be to actually put into action the Telework Enhancement Act. It needs to be used enough days per week (not just one or two days per week) in order to be effective and meet the goals that were put in place for this Act. Specifically, telework: 1) is a useful strategy to improve Continuity of Operations to help ensure that essential Federal functions continue during emergency situations; 2) promotes management effectiveness when telework is used to target reductions in management costs and environmental impact and transit costs; and 3) enhances work-life balance, i.e., telework allows employees to better manage their work and family obligations, retaining a more resilient Federal workforce able to better meet agency goals. This would save the cost of leasing office space, and save in areas of electric and heatings costs. Just my two cents.
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