3:39 am, May 24, 2015

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  • If DOD didn't say this, they wouldn't have any civilians left
    Wilhelm Heisenburg
    DOD is having to say this! In 2013, thier civilian employees are facing furlough. If there was any prospects of this being repeated in 2014, they would have a mass exodus on thier hands and no employees by the end of the year! Who would work in a job where you could be furloughed, not by your own doing but because some congressman or senator didn't do their job! DOD is doing damage control in hopes of salvaging employees
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  • Nice Fantasy Wilhelm
    Kenny Ray
    But it would not happen, the mass exodus that is. Let me say at the outset, the whole furlough, fed bashing scene is disgusting. While the DoD may have (and may still) face an exodus of SOME of their professional ranks, scientists, engineers, etc, the same will not hold true for the rank and file worker bees. Bad as furloughs are and as demoralizing as the treatment of feds by Congress and the public is, no one in their right mind is going to make a "mass exodus" from an otherwise relatively secure job with health care (that does not go on furlough) Now IF the economy ever becomes robust again and lucrative private sector jobs start bouncing back, then you might have a different story.
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  • And you say I have the fantasy?
    Wilhelm Heisenburg
    with 14 days of furlough this year and if there were fuloughs next year you honestly don't think a lot of DOD folks would be jumping ship?
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  • Notice the date of this article.........
    They can always come back and say "April Fools"......
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  • In other words here come the RIFs
    ""We will look for other options. They may not be pleasant, and they may force us into some difficult choices." Instead of everybody losing 20% of their income, some people will be losing all of it. I guess whether this is better or not depends on whether you're a winner or loser.
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  • Absolutely that is what is next
    RIFS. And not just 2014 but the year after that and the year after that, and the... Same for other agencies. Furloughs are just a backdoor temporary way to cut federal workers' pay - these too may continue for several years to come. As others have said, there's going to be a wave of retirements throughout the federal government as people realize they are actually earning less working compared to their retirement income. In addition, as the economy picks up further, people will quit, and of course, those people won't be the clock-watching, lazy people that you would like to see leave, they'll be the most productive, most marketable people.
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  • FY14 and Beyond
    Kenny, there are always other federal jobs. Most departments are not furloughing across the board like DoD or for as long. Some not at all. Some federal agencies even have higher pay scales than DoD. It is still a very secure job and the benefits are still good but I have spoken to many folks in the private sector who have equal or better benefits, much better facilities and morale, and higher pay. Not the least of which is our contractors. The job security can only hold you so long and now they are mentioning RIFs? The White House, Congress, and the leaders of DoD have got to focus more on this problem.
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  • Mentioning BRAC
    What be wrong with another BRAC..............Overseas Bases first
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