1:57 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Coburn's comments
    Chris @ IRS
    Wouldn't that be all of Congress?
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  • Hush
    Hey Tommy, so in your time as a public servant you've never once made a personal call?...Handle some personal business? Made dinner reservations?...Called a friend? Took a bathroom break? I'll give u the benefit of the doubt and agree that yes there are people abusing the system. People who slack, and people who don't care. But its a very small minority. Every business, private and public, have a few bad apples. You know how I know that?...because every business has people. You will never have every single employee of every single company, agency, non-profit working diligently on business for every second of every day. Oh and a side affect of your plan, the more people you put out of work the higher unemployment payments will be, the more people on the street, and less tax revenue. You know why this is and always will be? Because we live in a monetary economy. People are survivors and the only way to survive is to get money!
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