2:29 am, May 23, 2015

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  • The problem isn't with the employees.
    The problem is with the management, Coburn and his colleagues. I would explain it, but it's so obvious - not worth my time.
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  • Do nothing FED's
    Ive been hearing stories about do nothing employees for years... Sleeping on the job... Literally finding a place to hide ... and sleep their entire shift... and managers not being able to eliminate these employees... This is a true tragety. To not be able to get rid of dead weight within an organization is truely counter productive... even to the government. Its a shame that the enviroment in which government managers are forced to operate in is rediculous.
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  • Renegade
    Apply for a job at the department of education. You can teach the nation how to spell.
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  • Coburn is paid to do nothing
    ... but waste the government's time. Some federal contractors have two jobs they successfully maintain at the same time you know. Like they can be an accountant for a small church and do federal government work at the same time. You don't need to separate that. Some even are paid to do nothing for a reason. Some are ForEx users, stock market buyers, and more. You can't separate the government workers from the stock market. You'll lose money on the SAP 500 and Dow Jones.
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  • Draft Dodger Coburn
    Hey Coburn, you old draft dodger, talk about doing nothing. Are you having hemmoroid flare ups from your younger years during Vietnam War Sitins Protests. Might want to retire Senator. I understand your medical plan gives better whoopie cushions.
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  • Fire your Self Coburn
    Lisa Lisa
    "the office should take steps to offload federal workers and contractors who don't show up for work, aren't performing official duties or "are simply not working at all" is it me or is this the definition of Congress. THEY should be fired. He and his fellow Congress meet this criteria
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