11:48 pm, June 2, 2015

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  • Federal Workers Who Don't Do Anything...
    Milo Cook
    Such as --- pass a budget? Glass houses.
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  • My view
    Time Bandit
    "Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) has written to Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry, saying the office should take steps to offload federal workers and contractors who don't show up for work, aren't performing official duties or "are simply not working at all."" I used to be a contractor for the Navy for 10 years before I was laid off in 2010 due to funding cuts, 5 years in DC. During my tenure, I've met my share of do nothing slackers. At the contracting location, there were those who fell asleep at their desks. Sat behind their computers and wandered the internet, used company time to socialize or do personal business. In the 10 years, unless the train was late, I WAS ALWAYS on time and rarely missed a day of work. As I saw it, those who slacked off and did nothing were the ones getting rewarded while those who were busting their can got zip. As for Feds, some did their share of slacking off. I tried getting a Fed job but didn't know anyone high enough on the food chain that would vouch for me, it didn't stop them from hiring family and friends in Fed jobs. As much as I would like to come back, it won't happen....at least not any time soon.
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  • This may be hard to hear
    Sam B
    But is it POSSIBLE that maybe you didn't get the fed job because you weren't as good as you think? People who don't get selected for fed jobs will blame everything: hiring friends and family, not being/knowing someone high enough on the food chain, etc. But I have yet to meet one who admits that maybe, just MAYBE, he or she wasn't as qualified as he or she thought.
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  • Time bandit is correct - many slackers in agencies - who U know trumps quals....
    Yes, time bandit is correct, there are many slackers not doing anything. Regardless of qualifications, being related and knowing the right folks does trump both your experience and academic qualifications combined. Worse yet, there are layers of higher graded employees at the regional office and national office who do NOTHING but consolidate annual procedural reports. Their only expertise is what they read in reports submitted to them from front-line producers. Now we can easily do away with these layers of folks to improve efficiency, productivity and faster processing of reports. This is especially true of EEO and AEP GS-13s and above who simply have their clerks and field practitioners to submit numerical data (which GS-13s and above should but don't know how to pull the numbers hence they have 1 or more support staff and subordinate specialists to do that who also simply consolidate the data)report for signature only by these supposed EEO/AEO experts who do no training (they contracted that out too - to their friends). These are good paying high-end processing jobs and that is all they are....
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  • In the Mirror
    Let us begin with the right honorable distinguished Senator, his colleagues on both sides of the aisle, the members of the other chamber, and their staffers. Since they have failed to do what they are paid to do for the past session, remove them and eliminate their life-long pensions.
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  • My View
    CONGRESS this article is all about you!!!
    Josephine Gilbert
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  • Every situation is different
    Making generalizations in this area is foolhardy. The single biggest reason for lost productivity/efficiency in the federal government? The budget process, or lack thereof. My guess is that agency leaders have no idea how to plan for maximum performance from year to year anymore due to the budget uncertainty. Back at ya Senator.
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  • there is a lot of waste
    There is a lot of waste, but most of it comes from Coburn and his cronies. But on the plus side, I am glad someone finally mentioned the contractors and the monies wasted on them. Coburn and his cronies created this current situation, and have failed to resolve it. The blame goes directly on them.
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