2:34 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Exempt the Employees who has a SECRET Clearance for their JOB
    I am a government employee that do have a SECRET clearance and need it to do my job. I need to know if the employees will be exempt from this fourlough if this sequester will cause any problems with their SECRET clearance.
    Josephine Gilbert
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  • ?
    I don't have your answer, but I would expect that anyone in DoD with authority to reply would say it would be on a case-by-case basis. There is a difference between under-funded and neglect or abuse. If DoD allows what you ask, what's there to say that some may think they can buy new 61" 3D LED/LCD TV instead of paying their mortgage or other bills. Let's use some common sense!
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  • Working Capital Fund
    Employees are not paid from appropriated funds either but we are being told that we must be furloughed anyway. As a matter of fact, furloughing WCF employees will cause the DoD to LOSE more money than it saves from the furlough. They are just trying to hurt the most people so they can look like they are being "fair".
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  • but...
    Most of the funds come from appropriated funds to do your WCF service. I would assume it's a balancing thing. Remember, this is not like in Clinton's govt shut down where Congress didn't pass a budget. This is 8% cuts (supposedly) across the board. Some programs (ie. F35) flinch like a mosquitoe bite compared to its multi-year billions just floating around. Whereas O&M is annual and planned (and executed) to the penny.
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  • Funds Available due to Hiring Freeze
    In some agencies it is avoidable. The AF hiring freeze has created cost savings. My agency has enough funds in civ pay savings to cover the full cost of our furlough, and then some. So why do we still need to furlough our employees?
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  • 14 day - NOT RELIEVE
    I am a Fed Employee with a Top Secret Clearance. The 14 day furlough is not a relieve. The 22 day never occurred, therefore it is not relevant. Everyone, will hurt big time from this furlough. No relieve in site. Will congress pay the mortgage for Federal Employees, or for their medications, or children's illness'? Will Congress reinstate me when my clearance is taken due to financial difficulties?? I think not.
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