6:19 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Congress-remember, Feds are voters and will remember if furloughed!
    To all Congressmen and women in this despicable charade called sequestration. Remember that federal employees are US citizens entitled to vote. And vote they will come election time. If they are furloughed, they will remember! There are so many reasonable ways to trim the federal budgets and none of them are being considered. Too many lawyers in congress and not enough working Americans-somethings is wrong with this. If congress were to return to being working Americans, this mess would go away.
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  • Congress knows that's an empty threat.
    In the most recent election, 91% of Congressional incumbents were reelected. That was after freezing federal workers salaries for two years, so they probably don't see feds as much of a threat. On the other hand, contributions to CFC were down in 2011, and the 2012 numbers were probably not that great either considering the extension they tacked on to it at the end. While I've maintained my CFC level up to now, I'm considering reducing my giving to CFC proportionate to whatever is lost to furlough & however much my health insurance premiums go up next year. Something has to give.
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  • I stopped all CFC contributions
    Radar Tech
    I stopped CFC last year and won't give this year. Partly this is due to the pay freeze and furloughs, but a big part is also how much the United Way takes out of my contributions. Many of the things the United Way support are antithetical to my core values and beliefs and I don't wish to support them. I give directly to the causes I care about.
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  • Yeah, they don't give all of what you say to give to YOUR selection. They skim it.
    The Original Joe S
    I stopped giving to CFC when I discovered that they skim. Savings bonds drives were designed to cheat the workers by giving lower than market interest rates, and then taxing the numerical [NOT CONSTANT DOLLAR!] differences. I have my own charities: My FAMILY. The government already confiscates our wealth to transfer it to the undeserving. It ain't CHARITY when it is FORCED.
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  • Sequester Over Wrought/
    Considering that the sequester is a reduction in budget increase, there appears to be a bit of hysteria -- whether real or imposed is the question. Congress's deployment of GAO to determine if there is a crisis in certain important functions of government was a stroke of genius. If, at year end, funds are found to still exist in budgets of such activities, congress should proceed with impeachments and fencing of funds. Can't fire a department head without laborious procedures -- forbid government funds from being used to pay his salary.
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  • It is the Congressional fencing of funds
    that is causing some of the problems with being able to find money in the budget. Congress still has not let go of all the pet projects that they want or their favors for those that put up the money to get them in their seat. There could be billions in cost savings if those "favors" would be allowed to die on the vine since they do not reflect the goals of the organizations they imposed them on.
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  • Hysteria?
    The bit of hysteria is the loss of pay and benefits most or all will receive. That is much to be angry about.
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  • Congress, Senate, White House, & Pentagon full of COIs
    Honest Broker
    As WISENEKT brought up, all our leaders have clear financial conflicts of interest. They are going out of their way to keep financing these rediculuous, redundant and over paid programs, so there must be a great payback. The only push back from Americans is on election day, but Govt employees only represent a fraction of the votes. The media demonizes Govt and the employees to distract the general public from the core problem. Our senior military and civilians are being litterally bribed by the post-retirement jobs of the contractors. Another problem is the cost plus fixed fee contracts have no limits for the charge rates and salaries offered. Corp farming is getting subsidized when they do not need it, but the media tells the story that the money helps the small family farms. The list goes on and on. Unless we can push a total across the board recall election, I guess we wait to see what happens when we run out of money. You may want to consider retirement or resign and go work out on the private sector if you can find a job.
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  • Retirement was my choice as soon as I completed my 30 year sentence.
    The Original Joe S
    The door didn't hit me in the can on the way out either. A lot of people give up and go into the ROAD program until they can split. Of course, if the Feds all called in sick one day, it'd show the ungrateful jealous scumbag citizens what they get from Feral Workers.
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