1:18 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Are you serious
    It is frustrating to continue to read "federal employees" make too much money. In comparison to who, I ask? My counterpart in private sector brings in between $320-345/hour. Do you want to know what I get as a government employee $45.00/hour. It is always funny numbers can be thrown around out there under the auspice that due diligence has been done. In this case, it has not. Government employees (not contractors) do not join the government for a huge pay day because it is not going to happen. We, in fact, join, because we want to continue to be in service to our country. The fact that we are targeted based upon the little money we make is absurd. I don't see a congressman raising their hand (which are also government employees) saying "here, take some of my 200k+ salary and the retirement benefits I get for life after serving just 1 four year term in office." But make sure you take the government employees avg 60K/year salary and tell them to invest more in their retirement; although they can only get its due after 20 years of service. You tell me, where is the justice in that?
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  • Federal workforce earns too much and has too many benefits?
    Ok, I went on USAJOBS and looked. The agency hiring right now is veterans administration, 714 jobs at the GS-14/15 level. But what were these jobs? 95% were doctors, psychiatrist, specialty nurses, therapist, and various other medical professionals. These are very educated people. You can't tell me the VA admin pays more than they would make in the private sector or that federal benefits are greater than they would get in a medical system/hospital employment. Comparing Walmart and McDonalds employees benefits with medical professionals is not a fair assessment. Neither for scientist, engineers, IT, etc..... I'm sure there are some overpaid, overcompensated feds, but there are also overpaid, overcompensated workers in the private workforce too. Make reasonable assessments between private and federal workers.
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  • too little...
    too little too late...he was supposed to have given it to congress BEFORE they even put their versions together. This prez is becoming increasingly irrelevant in the political budget process.
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