8:12 am, May 27, 2015

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  • 22 to 14
    Is it that big of a deal? We still lose a paycheck and a half and will still lose 20% from June to September. Many people live paycheck to paycheck. We have not received raises in years and contributed billions to fight the deficit. I have worked in DoD for 20 years and have never seen morale so bad and people and facilities stretched so thin. What is being done to cut back on the billions in contracts in DoD. I have seen so much waste in this area. Why are they not paying their fair share? We spend so much on weapon systems. Are they really needed in this age of cyber and asymmetric warfare? I know the law but it is incredible that the President, Congress, and their political appointees can't be furloughed and yet they make the most money. God help our country!
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  • Can't fire the leaders, but sure would be nice
    Honest Broker
    Everyone with influential offices including your senior Govt employees and military officers have their hand in the proverbial tax-payer cookie jar. Because money represents power and that is why they fought for their positions (yes, brown nosing counts), so now we get to suffer while they just keep gouging the budget. For the politicians, it would require an across the board recall election to get their attention. For the influential military and civilian leaders, it would be take away the sweet post-retirement bribe jobs which could happen after that recall election. Unfortunately, the same people causing the problem are also in charge. I guess we wait to see what happens when the money runs out or they finally reduce the amount of gouging the taxpayer.
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  • 22 to 14
    If the furloughs actually don't start until mid-June, then they will still require 2 days per pay period to complete by the end of the FY. For the folks living "paycheck to paycheck" two days a pay period is tough. Why not start the first full pay period in May and run until the last full pay period that begins the end of September. That would be 11 pay periods and could be broken down to be one furlough day for seven pay periods and two furlough days for four pay periods. Spread the four pay periods with two days out among the 11 so that there would never be two pay periods in a row where everyone took a two day hit. It is nuts we have to this stuff to start with. Why make it more painful than it has to be.
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  • 14 days Furloughs for DOD workers
    I hope by 04 Apr 2013 the 14s will be 0 days of furloughs. This is a disgrace and a dis-respect to all the hardworking government employees. The federal government workers without three pay raises have already done their fair share.
    Josephine Gilbert
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  • Donations???
    One of the soldiers here just left the Army Emergency Relief Annual Fund Campaign donation form on my desk. Obviously that soldier needs to pee in a bottle and be tested.
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  • Donations? CFC
    And don't you know that in the fall you will get your annual CFC donation form too. We get it every year, shoved down our throats and the higher ups get mad that folks don't want to contribute.
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  • Bad news
    The furlough spells bad news for all on congress. Why are they authourising funds to support other countries before the save the U.S.A. The should feel the pain an lose 20% of their pay. It is time for change and all of us should not forget what has happened to us. We need to vote all incoumbents out of office it is time for new ideas.
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