3:46 am, May 25, 2015

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  • When is enough, enough?
    General Insight
    Furlough days 22 to 14 to 10 to 7 to 4 to 1 to 0? Then on 1 October and the furlough talks resume, but this time 40 days? 30 days? 22 days? When is enough, enough? Furloughs are not the answer, dig deeper; find better solutions that yield meaningful and sustaining results.
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  • Time to leave DoD
    22 days/14 days who cares - they do not respect us. I have worked for DoD for 20 years with an excellent performance history. I have never seen morale so low and people stretched so thin, and this is before the furlough. This is going to continue for 10 years?! Every year I see millions turned back in for contracts that are over funded. I see contractors sitting around while getting paid since their scopes are so narrow and their contracts are so poorly managed. Training for civilians no longer exists. How have the billions that go to the much higher paid contractors been affected? I wonder how many highly paid political appointees and Congressmen will continue to collect money this summer while we are home not getting paid. Thankfully a few have offered to join us. We have more aircraft carriers, one of the most expensive contracts in the federal government, than the rest of the world combined. Is this really what is needed in this cyber age? God help our country!
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  • Where's the cutbacks on the contractors? IT security just a ruse?
    Honest Broker
    I keep hearing that the contractors will be cut back any day now, but I still see the number of job listings are huge. One IT security company came on the news to protect the National Security budget by saying they can't keep up with the growing hacker threat. IT contract personnel numbers have grown exponentially, but they are still claiming they cannot keep up. The news says China is the culprit and they pointed out the building. We have millions of IT contractors in thousands of buildings, so the Chinese definitely have us beat on efficiency. Probably not, everyone just wants to dip in that golden taxpayer trough.
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