6:18 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • No need to furlough anyone
    There is absolutely no need to furlough anyone anymore! Cuts can be made in other places! I read that the foreign nationals working at military bases oversees won't be furloughed but our US citizens will-what does this tell DOD employees? Why don't our leaders see we need to stop giving other countries our money when we can't pay our own people? We will risk feds not being able to pay mortgage and loose homes, not be able to go to college, etc.... but give foreigners money hand over foot. The US priorities are soooo messed up!
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  • Too many hands in the taxpayer cookie jar - Its empty!
    Honest Broker
    I worked for a US Govt procurement agency and we were told who won the contract before we even received the requirements. Ironically, the upper chain military and civilians had post-retirement jobs with that company a year later. I worked in R&D and one day the Marines saw one of our test fixtures and said they would like some built for them. We built them from all common computer and test equipment, so they took their units out in the field and decided they wanted more. They could not get their budget for the additional units unless we put a prime contractor on the job which made it 5 times more expensive. I'm sure this story repeats across many Govt agencies, but the ones in charge have the money addiction and justify in their minds that it will all work out and why not them to benefit. I wonder when it runs out? It sounds like its getting pretty low.
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  • That's the Plan
    What do you think the government is trying to do, if American citizens lose what they have then they will be more dependent on government, the more dependent on government we are the more power the government has over us.
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  • No Cindi
    The government is our employer. so, of course we depend on the government for our pay and benefits, just like any other employer.----As far as dependency is concerned, you can thank George and the Republicans for the depression that made more people dependent on the government. They lost their jobs and are having a very difficult time replacing them with equivilent jobs.
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  • No pay cuts??
    Big Joe
    No pay cuts? I don't see that at all! At my agency they performed "desk audits" which resulted in the majority of folks getting downgraded. I took a $18k pay cut to what I attribute as budget pressure from above. We still continue to waste money, but the part of the budget that is attributable to payroll is much smaller now. Perception is everything.....
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  • Perhaps
    What if, for argument sake, the ability to minimize (or forego) furloughs was nothing more than a new awareness that programs or budgets are estimates of what people think is required (needed)? When forced to reevaluate priorities a revised process takes place and, subsequently, shifts do occur. One problem I've been struggling to understand, and without much progress to do so, is the seemingly vast amounts of money being programmed and budgeted for without a true and honest assessment of value. The Government has grown significantly over the years, some justified, some not so much. Is there any "real" way of saying this is good and worth keeping or that is not a good program and should end? I've always believed that for agencies to be more honest, the end of year spending sprees needed to end and appropriations legislation should not "punish" those that accomplish their missions under budget.
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  • ....the end of year spending sprees....
    Good point. In my fed career this is probably one of the most confusing things I've witnessed. "You came in under budget? Shame on you! Budget cut." "You spent every last nickel? Good job! More money for you next year!" Brilliant.
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  • i've witnessed the practice for years
    Every Aug and Sep we go through the same exercise. Every single account is zeroed out with WASTEFUL SPENDING. Example...we somehow manage to work the first 10 months of the FY needing little or no overtime to accomplish the mission then suddenly in Aug and Sep we spend tens of thousands of overtime dollars on made up projects for no other reason than to ensure OT money in the budget next FY. We give nothing back because if we do we won't get the same $ next FY.
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  • Good Point Rob
    I suggest that agencies be allowed to keep the left over money for the following year when it may be needed. Plus, they should not be penalized with reduced money the following year.
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  • The President Promised There Would Be Pain...
    Mike, The President assured America that the Sequester would be painful and someone has to suffer to make good his promise. Expecting 14 days of furlough.
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  • Who supports Defense now?
    I always thought GOP was for Defense and Dems were for rest of civil service, but that's clearly flawed thinking. While FedEmp unions have gone mostly to one side, that strategy is now clearly flawed as "our friends" no longer support us. Relax though, the rest of America is not feeling this at all and the stock market is a record highs. Can we get food stamps or disability? Or is that what they want us to put in for?
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