7:25 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Seriously? OPM even has to ask?
    FERS Fed
    Federal employees have been all but declared 'enemies of the state' by the Republican Party. Our three year pay freeze shows no sign of abating. If Republicans get their way, conditions of federal employment will only get worse and worse. ..... Conservative 'think tanks' (an oxymoron if ever there was one) trot out study after study denigrating federal employees' contributions to the nation. ..... The President voices nice platitudes about feds but does nothing to try to blunt the onslaught, the absolute least that employees might expect from their Chief Executive. ..... So as the feds with the most options walk away from the insanity, OPM is really going to ask, 'Why are you leaving the agency?' ..... Shouldn't OPM be asking feds, 'Why are you staying?'
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  • I agree, but.....
    Big Joe
    Its just not Republicans...they are being the most aggressive, but its not like most Democrats have our back... Both sides are using us, pawns in their race for power....
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  • SES Hand-Wringing
    All this hand-wringing over SESs leaving is amazing. They had best be worried that those who know the most about the actual job are leaving in large numbers. SESs only sit at the top and often have no idea what's going on down in the trenches. The federal government worked just fine before the SES was invented; it will work fine if it were abolished.
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  • SES and Congress should have the exact same benefits as feds
    The SES is but a class system in the federal government. Get rid of it and make them GS-16,17,and 18's. Same benfits as everyone else. While we are on that subject, Make congress have the same health benefits as us lowly feds and lets see how our health benefits get cut then. Our raises and their raises are the same. Bonuses for SES fall under the same rules as for us lowly Feds
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  • What's the point
    With morale sooo low among the Fed workers, the constant pounding from Congress to reduce benefits and wage (because they perceived that the Feds pay is much higher than the private sectors and the constant opinion from polls and private sectors claiming that the Feds are overpaid, OPM has sent out a form to SES to find out what's wrong!!!! Are OPM blind? I agree with the comment below in having the same benefits for Congress and SES.
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