2:04 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Hey Wtop
    Where is yesterday's report on the study by the Society of Actuaries on Obamacare? Google it if you like- Please print that story.
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  • Just wanted to check
    and see how all that "Hope and Change" the President promised way back in 2008 is going. Guess 4 years without any change in Pay is a "Change", and I am "Hoping" the Furlough will be short. Yep "Hope and Change"
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  • Obama Signs Bill to Extend Pay Freeze
    Radar Tech
    That is what the headline should have read. Obama gave us a 2 year 3 month pay freeze by executive order. Then, he suggested the whole sequestration thing which is causeing our furlough-pay cut. Now, he just signed and extension to the pay freeze making it 3 years without a raise, despite health insurance premiums going up because of his looming Obamacare tax (it was ruled constitutional only because it is a tax).
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