12:37 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Most prudent course of action would have been a two hour delay
    All those who complain about not being closed - it was 2 inches of snow, if that, around the district. Roads were fine after the temps went up. We did not need the entire day off, but a delay would have been a good option.
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  • What about other parts of the country
    Just because Washington DC has a high concentration of Feds, OPM is sensitive to snow days. I know that in Fort Hamilton, NY there is no snow day for a few inches. I have even had to shovel inches of snow just to create a parking spot for my vehicle.
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  • Closing
    Jim Y.
    On the opposite of the coin, the SSA in Baltimore opened two hours late, but didn't post the announcement until near 6:00 am just as many employees were arriving for work (there was no announcement on the local TV and radio stations). Then, at 10:00 am they made a decision to close for the day, just as many other employees were on their to work for the delayed opening. The result was mass chaos in the parking lots as the employees who were at work all tried to leave at once and arriving employees were trying to get into the lots.
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  • Weather
    It is not about leave or taking leave, it is about what was the correct decision. Going to work should not be required when things are life threating. OPM made a mistake; I hope they learn from it.
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  • Snow daze
    Welcome to the real working world...
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