11:11 am, May 22, 2015

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  • They do the best they can on these
    tricky forecasts. Be glad you are a fed. You can choose to go to work or use your leave, whether liberal leave is in place or not. Better than working in a grocery store during a snow event. You still have to show up just to be hammered all day long.
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  • Leave
    Sam B
    No, not everyone has the luxury of using leave when there's no liberal leave policy in place. Some agencies require advanced approval for any leave whatsoever unless OPM says otherwise.
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  • Be glad you work in a grocery store
    Sunny D
    I'm a Fed and I'm a essential employee I have to work no matter the conditions. I even have to work when there is no power. So I really miss your point.
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  • OPM does not pay the deductible for my car insurance
    Sunna W
    I do. I also drove out of my neighborhood at 5:45 am this morning and after 15 minutes Ii got maybe a mile and a half) I turned around and went back home. No snow plows, lots of driving snow, and poor visibility @ 32 degrees. Very frustrating... I am blessed with a great boss who allowed me to take leave today. It would be great if the standard answer from OPM was unscheduled leave / telework for inclement weather / dangerous driving conditions. I also save leave for just such an occasion.
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  • This was NOT snow  (Flagged as Abuse)
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  • yes, this WAS snow
    Which Generation are you? the complete DA or the complete AH? Either way, you're one of them
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  • Wimps in Washington
    Reinaldo Luis A.
    1) OPM should announce the policy that the government works regardless of the weather PERIOD! 2) People need to learn how to drive in winter conditions, use common sense, and focus on mission. 3) Sometimes the fastest way to get home is to take it slow. Speeding at 70mph when the road conditions call for 35mph is one of the reasons why we have 2 hour plus commutes (due to accidents) when normal is 30 minutes. 4) Whining about OPM and its snow policy just reinforces the negative image that the 534 individuals that are freezing pay for another year have of civil servants.
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  • Yeah - that makes sense
    And maybe the schools should never close either. When the Govt. closes, it's for a reason - safety. Unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework does not mean the Govt is closed - employees are taking the leave they've earned, or ARE working from home, making the highways safer for everyone else. I've been stuck behind a 100 car pile-up due to snow on 95 where it took over 6 hours to get home. In a perfect world everyone will be a smart, safe driver who intuitively knows how to drive in the snow. In DC, we just don't get enough of it for people to be good at driving in it, unlike some areas of the country. I myself don't see too much reckless driving when it's snowing, but it circumstances beyond our control (that we haven't experienced before) that cause the issues and accidents. OPM, like the school systems and all the other businesses that make decisions about whether to open or close or allow employees to take their own leave in a snow situation, need to be smarter. I don't think anyone here was whining......
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  • snow
    why everyone hates us GOV workers....you slugs in DC, I have to come to work when it snows, as does everyone else in the world......
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