5:07 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Mackenzie is slamming
    I'm Jack Tors
    I say we just listen to her.
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  • Forget AEI
    Jerry A.
    Just about everything from the American Enterprise Institute is slanted towards the far right, promoting big business and laissez faire deregulation. They are in the news so much because they make many spokespeople readily available to the lazy media writers who need a quick soundbite, not because the AEI has any recognized credible experts.
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  • They should have known
    We should expect to hear the resignations of the DOD Comptroller as well as the Army's Comptroller immediately. This is completely inexcusable. Regardless of whether they thought the sequestration was going to materialize or not, they should have already been looking for ways to scrub the budget besides civilian furloughs. Greatly reducing the number of unneeded contracts would have been a great start. These two have proven they cannot be trusted with our money.
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  • Acquisition out of control - Cutout outsourcing services & Post-Govt Retirement Jobs
    Honest Broker
    I worked for an engineering and acquisition organization which jumped on the outsourcing bandwagon especially when senior influential managers could get retirement jobs with our contractors. Instead of solving a problem, we were told here's company we need to get on contract and trump up an excuse to sole source to them. We were supposed to run like a business, but it was all just a front to laundry money to the cronies for Congress, Senate, White House, and the Pentagon. I'm glad to see sequestration taking effect, but unfortunately it should be addressing all the waste, outsourcing and conflicts of interest but instead they took it out of the Govt employees. I see there are plenty of Govt contractor job notices, so apparently the outsourcing and corruption has continued. Glad I retired from the Govt, because it looks like this will continue indefinitely.
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  • what a mess!
    enough said
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