9:59 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • The only benefit . . .
    The only benefit the House is going to pass for the Federal Employee while Obama is President is for a pat on the back after you're furloughed or your wages have been cut. Republicans couldn't wait to deficit spend when Bush was President - and now they've found religion. Nothing but hypocrites who'd turn on their own mom for lunch money.
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  • Wow... can't top that one....
    Sunna W
    But... I do think that the combined purchasing power of medicare / FHEB should get lower RX for both feds and seniors... and, that the tax payers should get a rebate... It's a crime that medicare RX plans pander to pharmaceutical companies and that seniors get new drugs (at a higher premium) pushed at them... and feds pay more and more each year for the same new drugs. We are not medical professionals and don't know one drug from another. But, if I can get an older drug that is cheaper and is just as good, I am fine with that. Some of the meds I take are $1.00 per dose and that's really ridiculous, since I know that it is a commonly prescribed drug for women my age.
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  • Congress needs to change the law for Medicare Part D
    Jerry A.
    Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La) was the head of the committee and wrote the Medicare Part D law, which blocks Medicare from negotiating drug prices, and does not allow Medicare to use the Veteran's Administration negotiated prices. Rep. Tauzin retired soon afterwards and went to work as the head of PhRMA, the drug maker's lobbying group, for $2 Million per year. I'm sure it was a coincidence.
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