6:37 am, May 27, 2015

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  • infuriating, for sure
    Right or wrong (re: star trek parody training vid), a quote from one of the members of the house committee of means & ways stood out. Infurating, Mr. Rep-LA? What I find infuriating is inflated salaries for politicians who don't work over a 1/3 of the year. What I find infuriating is spending cuts, pay cuts, performance award suspensions, and pay raise freezes on federal employees... except for those on capital hill, of course. What I find infuriating is health care reform and other mucking about with federal employee benefits... except for those on capital hill, of course. This, in addition to the types of "perqs" mentioned above, and more. When is there going to be a responsible approach to talk about "tightening the belt" of government workers and federal employees, and ensure it applies to ALL federal employees? No one should be exempt from facing salary freezes and pay caps. No one should be exempt from having to utilize the health care reform they vote on for "the rest of us". The disparity of all of this is what is infuriating, good sir.
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  • Exactly
    Exactly right, but of course it gets much worse when the banks that control the Federal Reserve begin taking everyone's pensions.
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    Meanwhile,IRS SB/SE SESers are more interested in videos than collecting/auditing tax returns.It's not the $60k wasted by IRS,it's the blooming executive mentality of lets have a nice video rather than do our tax collection jobs.
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  • I don't know how you do it.
    Mike, You rarely write a dull report on one of the dullest of subjects (civil service). My hat's off to you; you're a great write and somewhat of a comedian.
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