6:16 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Congress
    Big Joe
    I'm trying to wrap my head around how screwed up Congress is, but I guess I'm too simple. Congress is spanking IRS for wating $60,000 on a Star Trek video in 2010, yet in the same breath, they spent $604,000 on bottles water! (http://www.aolnews.com/2010/07/21/congress-food-tab-604-000-for-bottled-water-152-at-quiznos).
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  • Star Trek Parodies
    Have been a staple of training methods for years. Is this one on YouTube yet? I'm sure it's no Space Balls but in the scheme of things I'm more worried about the Death Wish analogies yet to come. Has anybody seen furloughs yet? If/when I get a notice then I would call that disaster striking and Mike will need to rewrite his columns. Obviously the stock market doesn't care, even though they seem more concerned about Cyprus than here.
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  • Capitol Hill at its finest, but we can't punish them - When do we go broke?
    Honest Broker
    Interesting how everyone sees the waste, fraud and abuse except for the politicians and our influential Govt (military and civilian) managers that are lining up their retirement jobs. How come we keep voting the politicians back into office? What would it take for a giant recall election? Is there no way to punish them? Oh that's right, they packed the Supreme Court with pro-business judges so no such recall election could occur. I guess we wait until the money runs out.
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  • and people think we're under taxed
    I don't think there's anyone out there who doesn't believe our government wastes billions of tax payer dollars on stupid things. Americans have become pretty frugal of late when it comes to spending money. We don't partake in wasteful spending because it's our money and we simply can't afford it. Congress on the other hand has no problem with wasteful spending. Why is that? It's because the money they waste isn't theirs. It's all too easy to spend, spend, spend, when the money you're spending isn't coming out of your bank account. Why anyone would be in favor of giving Congress more money to waste is one of life's biggest mysteries.
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  • Fed Talk Radio
    Morning gang and hey - what gives with Fed Talk Radio ? The channel that we listen to up here in the Gettysburg area (820 am) started playing music on Friday, as opposed to Fed talk. Can we expect to get this important and educational service back, or are we doomed to listening to yet another elevator music station in its place ? Thanks, Bobr
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  • Snowquestration (Snowstorm Saturn), Part Deux
    .... or, in another example of the "Generals Fighting the Last War" (for the Government, 'OPM fights the last snowstorm' and generally does the opposite of what they'd done then; i.e., had the US Government open today), is a good illustration. Last storm (Saturn/Snowquestration), I'm sure OPM got an earful about closing. Let's make sure they hear as much about slogging in during a storm like this one.....
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  • Blind Man's Bluff
    ...is what all this sounds like to me...seems the Prez is the one getting 'bluffed'...so, what about the recently passed CR changed DOD's mind on furloughs? No matter what agency, sticking it to personnel instead of programs, etc...is pretty gutless...the White House tours cancellation is another example of gutless...the Prez likes to say he has the support of the American people...really? More propaganda...I don't see the peasants revolting because of Head Start being cut or Yellowstone not being staffed, etc...what a joke! The 'cut' to DOD is no worse than our drawdown after Vietnam or Korea...if we weren't in everyone's knickers overseas we wouldn't need to have such a large military! Bet no funds to other countries are being cut...like State Department programs, etc...this whole thing is high drama...meanwhile, the stocks just keep improving...LOL!!
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  • Just sent $500 million to the Palestinians
    Its money we don't have. If that dastardly tea party would quit whining about being over taxed maybe we could raise the tax rates some more and help out our other allies across the region.
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  • Whining dems and reps
    Actually, the real whiners are the dems and reps who spent this country into credit ratings downgrades. You don't know what that is, do you? All the tea party has done is said "there are limits to debt." Pretty simple, really, unless you think that since Keynes said a "small amount of debt is good" that means a "LOT of debt is great!" If you want to see the end result of continued credit downgrades look at Cyprus where the banks are now just stealing outright from bank accounts.
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