5:24 am, May 23, 2015

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  • AWS Rescinded
    So Done
    Today, my agency rescinded all AWS and Flex schedules due to sequestration. While I understand that AWS and Flex are authorized at the discretion of management and no one is entitled to an AWS schedule, would somebody tell me how this saves the govt any money? We work the same amount of hours under AWS, just in different increments. Also, it saves us money and energy by not commuting on that one or two days per pay period that we are off. Unbelievable...
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  • Time Capsule - Sequestration Thoughts
    Ken Nesbit
    What else can be said, we a government that has gone spineless. Sequestration was a result of government leaders not wanting to do what is right. I'll probably ramble a bit, sorry about that. There are many programs that are wasting money to no real benefit of the people. So, to divert from the result of doing what is right and not spending on PORK projects, our leaders have instead decided to single out the Federal employee as the root of all evil, and work to destroy the moral of the people that make the government run, and dodge the job they are supposed to be doing. Congress has not passed a budget in years..in industry and in other parts of the government, this would be a grounds for termination. The president is pushing for more socialized government...of course it is not called that, yet as long as the government takes care of all the peoples needs, why work? So here we are, $85 Billion in cuts (by the way, these are cuts that Democrats will blame on the Republicans, the Republicans will blame on the Democrats, and they will both blame the president and he will blame them.....in reality, they all need to grow spines), sequestration, furloughs....maybe it is what is needed, yet everyone should feel the pain. I encourage Congress t o furlough their staff, I encourage congress to take a 20% pay cut, I encourage congress to participate in the National Health Care programs, I encourage congress to take a reduced retirement benefit plan.......and while we are at it, I encourage the President and Vice President to take a hard look at their travel and expenditures.....furlough their staff, and just as DoD did (46,000 temporary employees, release all the temporary employees...we know them as political appointees. Waste is waste, and it is not just about how evil the federal employee is or is not. sign me as Joe Public
    Ken Nesbit
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