10:57 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • More cuts than seen......
    Big Joe
    At my agency, desk audits were conducted for all GS 14 and 15s due to complaints that we were too top heavy.... Based on those results, almost 80% of those folks were downgraded, resulting in anywhere froma few thousands to almost an $18k pay cut...and this is before furloughs. This is the kind of stuff that never makes the news..or this column since it impacts only a few hundred people at best. The furlough is just "piling on" for me since I already am being paid less than $1200 a month as compared to what I was making this time last year......
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  • Time Capsule Items
    Maryland Mom
    Make sure someone saves all those news articles and editorials from the media criticizing Federal workers for making too much money compared to the private industry counterparts. I'm sure in 3 years those same writers will be writing about "those poor fools" who work for the federal government while making so little compared to the private industry counterparts. My agency is already making budget cuts due to sequestration, in some areas more than 20% so they can cut less than 20% somewhere else. I don't know how the furlough will go, but I guarantee it won't be until those refund checks are processed and delivered, maybe even on a Saturday :|
    Beach Mum
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  • Good idea
    But when you read all those newspaper articles about private sector bonuses and stock options that never apply to Feds it's the same thing. Right now FedEmp bashing is just a distraction. No pay increases for 4 years, plus furlough days now, amounts to a pay cut (albeit with time off). I don't know how many jobs are overgraded but I have no doubt that's true, but rather than use a scalper, they're using a meat cleaver against us all. I hope I can afford to retire some day, and survive this madness.
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  • cuts..
    Look at all the job announcements lately.. they say they want to make cuts yet all the announcements are for much higher grades (Analysts - GS 12+) for positions that really are a waste.. yet the real workers/position who perform necessary functions to bring in $$ are left empty.. (GS 7-9)
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  • Good Intentions; Bad Application
    Garden Wizard
    In order to get the deficits under control and begin to address the debt; a meat cleaver is the appropriate instrument, it just needs to be wielded in the right direction! A scalpel can be used to trim later, if the meat cleaver doesn't cut enough.
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  • Not such a good idea
    I agree that they are using a scalper. And Garden, the meat cleaver is not appropriate. When things do not get done, such as audits and collections at the IRS, or drug approvals and food inspections elsewhere, among other things, you will regret the cleaver.----I did not think the furloughs would go through, but now they are here. I believe this will occur for a number of years. Thenkfully, I will leave and not worry about this nonsense.
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  • Just shut it down
    I'm so tired of hearing about overpaid federal workers and how we've had it good through the downturn. Yes we had jobs...but we didn't make out like bandits before the downturn. We're targeted by the public & politicians & terrorists. Let the public see how it feels to do without us. Shut the entire government down for a day or two or even a week.
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  • Fed Bashing
    Carter Hired Fed
    By 2002, federal pay was supposed to catch up to the private sector, as per 1990 legislation. It's 11 years later and federal pay has been frozen for three straight years. Where is the outrage? Can you say "The Ed Show"??? Had this been any other group of workers, there would have been plenty of media outrage.
    Carter Hired Fed
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  • What goes around, comes around
    Just a couple of comments. The USAJOBs site is full of GS-12,13,14 positions because all of the agencies are having to cut out programs and positions so these openings are for the people that are going to be removed from those programs (mostly their buddies). The Government never actually cuts a program or personnel at that level, they just move people and programs around until whoever is supposed to be watching them finds something else to do. We will all be furloughed because we are expendable. What are we going to do, quit? Probably not. What's interesting to me is that no one in Congress or the higher ups in the Government seem to notice that they are removing the support that they themselves would need if the citizens of this country decide to revolt. Most feds are "fed up" with the government and based on discussions I've had with military personnel, they are fed up with the government as well. If the military and the fed employees don't like the government anymore...who in the heck does the government think is going to back them if needed? Maybe the Mayans were right after all.....
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  • Obama and Both Sides of Conress Agree
    They hate Feds but they love contractors. When this is all said and done, the contractors will be raking in more $ then ever and since most Fed jobs require a college degree, the only folks you will have to oversee the contractors on the public's behalf will be a bunch of Phoenix, Capella and Devry alums. Good luck with that. BTW: Any Fed that contributes to CFC is s complete fool. I'm all for giving to charity but do so directly to the charity of your choice. That way more $ goes to your charity without CFC taking its cut and we don't help support the argument that we must be overpaid since we can give away so much.
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  • So true....
    Big Joe
    CFC is the biggest scam of all time... Feds donate money, CFC takes some off the top to run the "program", the charity takes some off the top for overhead, and then the money goes for the intended program. We can't fight the charity's overhead, but there is no reason to subsidize the CFC program....go directly to the charity.
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