3:42 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Furlough Notices Delayed Two More Weeks?
    General Insight
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    Since it's DOD, the term is FUBAR.
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  • put off furlough?
    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but if the furlough days are still "up to 22" then putting them off only impacts the wallets of those furloughed. 22 days is the same amount, but spread over one year, or 6 months, or 3 months, can make all the difference. Can't DoD send out the letters and the rescind them or limit the furlough days if something changes? Am I missing something?
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  • Love Contractors Hate Feds
    DOD is waging cruel and costly psychological warfare against its civilian workforce. And even before the first actual furlough day, the casualties are too many to count. If this had ANYTHING to do with reduced budgets, DOD would be actively cutting back on its bloated contractor workforce full of retired officers. But it is not. Instead, the contractors have bee shielded form even any hint of furlough while the civilians are told to keep morale up while they can't sleep. Shameless.
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  • When do we downsize the contractor Army?
    Honest Broker
    I share Mikulskiisuselss' concern about the impact to Govt loyalty and the bloated contract force. Take away the conflict of interest problem of retiring Govt employees (civilian and military) going to work for a contractor. None of the management cannot make budget cut decisions when they are worried about their future job. These retirement jobs usually make 6-figure salaries, so just think of the savings. Also, go back to fixed price contracts and get rid of the cost plus fixed fee contracts for services which have someone get $750K/yr. Has anyone checked out the cost of outsourcing? Oh yes, POGO.ORG did back in 2012 and testified in front of Congress that it costs 2 times to 5 times more to contract out even if you roll in a lifetime of Govt benefits. They could not argue with the results, but they are on the contractors payroll too so outsourcing continues. The irony is the contractor worker bees may be getting paid less than if they were a Govt employee.
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